Welcome to Dan’s Custom Pottery

~Dan Kallberg~

Dan Kallberg was born in Ohio and as a child often played in the backyard with clay that he found nearby. He moved to the Phoenix area in 1962. During his high school days, he took several art classes and kept looking in the back room at the potter’s wheel. After begging for a while, the teacher let him play on it, and he was hooked!  About ten years ago, Dan talked to several potters at a craft show on the East Coast, and his passion for working with ceramics was renewed. He kept saying, “I can do that!” He enrolled in a ceramic class at Glendale Community College and had the opportunity to study with Jim Spires a Master Potter in Winesburg, Ohio. Jim provided him with one-on-one training sessions for several months. For Dan, throwing on the wheel is relaxing, challenging and rewarding. Dan is not someone who will throw several pots all the same size and shape. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA