Dan Kallberg

I was born in Ohio and as a small child I often played in the backyard with clay that I found near by. I moved to the Phoenix area in 1962. During my high school days I took several art classes. I kept looking in the back room at the potter’s wheel. After begging for a while the teacher let me play on it, I was hooked! I had to make pots.


Approximately ten years ago. After I talked to several potters at a craft show on the East Coast my passion for working with ceramics was renewed. I kept saying, “I can do that!” I enrolled in a ceramic class at Glendale Community College and also had the opportunity to study with Jim Spires a Master Potter in Winesburg, Ohio. Jim provided me with one on one training sessions for several months.


For me throwing on the wheel is relaxing, challenging and rewarding. I work at my home studio (or garage if you prefer) listening to music and get sloppy. My only restriction is, don’t get clay on my wife’s car! The problem that I frequently run into is; “What shape do I throw first? Will customers like it?”


I am not someone who will throw several pots all the same size and shape. I see no fun in that. I try to make my pieces unique and one of a kind.